Book Marketing by Tying Into Breaking News

Would you pounce on a breaking news event? Not every one may, if a matter has breaking news potential then you’d greater get ready to make the most of it. One particular opportunity presented itself on Feb 19, 2008 when Fidel Castro reported his resignation. Among my writer customers has a gorgeous espresso desk image book on CUBA and has produced 40 plus quasi illegal trips to the island nation. He’s an National person and specialist on CUBA. (CUBA, 120 pgs., $65, Corazon Push, Ann Arbor, MI, ISBN 0-9768349-0-1)

Having pitched this book and his story to all or any major press from Excellent Day bbc world news America and Nightline to Syndicated Radio, all of the major press retailers claimed – I’m not fueling – “Certain we’ll cover it… when Fidel dies.” So, like vultures circling over, we have been awaiting every slide, fall, missed parade, poor medical record about Fidel so that individuals can hop on the opportunity. It ultimately came at 5:30am on the day of February 19, 2008 with the headline of Fidel’s resignation. That has been almost just like the master moving on… less dilemma but nonetheless price protecting as it declared a big change in energy of the United States’long time nemesis of 50 years. So, I dusted off the release about Fidel’s death that had been sitting in await couple of years, changed the headline to reflect his resignation, and additional items and out it went to my cautiously maintained and targeted list of media associates and put it on the wire by 6AM while everybody else was still sleeping.


The effect was outstanding. CBS Radio instantly saw the release, create an appointment that ran in Detroit all day and night. Then National Community Radio create an in-studio meeting as did WJR and WCSX radio. Print media experienced the behave with interviews in The Ann Arbor News, Detroit Information, Observer & Eccentric and Oakland Press. We also got curiosity, but unfortunately no story since the guide was not recently produced, from the Wall Street Journal.

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